The Start of Something NEW!  FLUIDITY: The Blog

The Start of Something NEW! FLUIDITY: The Blog

Over the past 6 years, DJS Lifestyles has been bringing BOLD & AUDACIOUS fashion that's also SIMPLE, SLEEK & SEXY. An COLORFUL & VIVACIOUS array of garments & accessories aimed to entice the eye and draw you in like a moth to a flame. Yet, it is our desire to bring you MORE!

Can you handle it? Come closer...

DJS Lifestyles is more than just our fashion... we are about designing a LIFESTYLE for the BOLD, CREATIVE male.  An aesthetic VISION that screams against conventionality and the "Agony of it all" echoes our TRUTH from its core. Because, after all, you got hear YOU!

To this end, we’re excited to announce today the launch of FLUIDITY: The Blog -- a weekly communique that encompasses a range of topics and issues that shape and influence our clientele as wells as notifications of new collection releases. The blog will post 3x weekly and will feature:

Health & Beauty/




DJS Lifestyles is ecstatic about the opportunity to bring you this additional service and it will be exciting to evaluate how you are engaging with our content as we go along. We welcome any feedback and we look to continually gain more knowledge, insight and ideas that we can pass along to you.

But for now...

These words I speak are lovely, dark & deep, and right now I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep. I can't wait to get together with you. It's fait accompli...


Derrick J. Sellers - CEO & Creative Artistic Director-


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