Introducing Jerome: The LA Collection S/S '16


European Bath Houses | Mad Max | Freddie Mercury |  David Bowie |  George Michael |  The Riddler | Boy George | Katie Lane | The Blitz Kids | Grace Jones | Brain Molko | ES Magazine | Tilda Swinton | British Fashion
East London | The Catholic Church | Boxing
Billy Idol | West End | Australia | Tarzan

All these have influenced me through the movement!!  In a world riddled with TABOOS... where CREATIVITY lacks INNOVATION... I have discovered a panacea! A new concept... one I have envisaged for several months away from prying eyes! An concept arising from a creative impulse void of boundaries - INTRODUCING JEROME: THE LA COLLECTION. My antidote!

Commingling Fashion, Music, Storytelling & Visual effect, each of these garments - inspired by my influences - are infused with infinite meaning. But they also reveal who I am...with all my many different personalities, shapes, and movements!

Allow me to present...
INTRODUCING JEROME: THE LA COLLECTION... well-suited for the creative male - against the back drop of West End meets the City of Angels.