Raymia K. Henderson

Wardrobe Stylist /Accessories


Rayymia K. Henderson is a native Washingtonian, blogger, business owner, philanthropist, and fashion designer. She is the brand creative that owns The Rebirth of Style, LLC located in Upper Marlboro, MD and the sewing school “Sew You Wanna Sew” located in Clinton, MD.

Ms. Henderson has shown her elegant and comfortable women’s clothing line in several fashions shows local to the Washington DC Metropolitan area and the Small Boutique Fashion Week during New York Fashion Week in 2017, 2018, and 2019. 


Ms. Henderson also took her philanthropic interests and started a non-profit organization, Runway For A Cure DC which host fashion events whose proceeds are used to donate to organizations that care for breast cancer survivors and assists patients navigate their annual mammogram screening.


Most recently, The Rebirth of Style has been 

taking on fashion and accessories styling opportunities in collaboration with the DJS Lifestyles brand, and the work has been published in several International magazines such as GEZNO Magazine, Assure Magazine, and GMARO Magazine.

Ms. Henderson feels that today's ready-to-wear fashion is lacking class and so many people struggle with what to wear, where to buy what looks good on them, and how to stay current with fashion.


The Rebirth of Style is here to bring high-fashion to everyday women and young ladies who want one-of-a-kind, stylish clothing that makes them feel classy, sexy, and unforgettable when they walk in a room!


Her mantra is “Be Your Own Masterpiece!”

Raphael Randolph



 Raphael Randolph is from Washington DC , his philosophy of life “Am I doing better than the day before as a genuine human being?”. Can I make a difference with the authenticity of my energy? Do I promote positivity? 3 years of jewelry, meditation and good music in his life motivates him to create masterpieces for individual clients. He loves a challenging piece to wrap! Or a good workout. Gradually he became what we call now a “holistic teacher or healer or energy chaser as he like to say. A Lot of people ask him what's his passion in life and  he could never answer with one word simply because his passionate about life, making people happy and feel good. He loves his art ranging from jewelry painting, even singing, And pottery in his free time.  

He started modeling when he was 21 being on different platforms, runway and print. A 13 year dash helped me break through as a DMV male model and during that time with my involvement in the fashion weeks of DC and New York as an experienced runway/print model He had an amazing time with the people and the culture and still have the pleasure of other adventures and opportunities in the entertainment industry.

Ultimately the joy is in the reactions. He's been an entrepreneur his whole life.  He also love being on the other side of the camera directing. 

At the end of the day he blessed with 3 most important things: Family, Respect, and Seafood. He is thankful for the constant progress and opportunities in life  and continue to receive.