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DJS Lifestyles Promotional Videos : BEHIND THE DOOR



There is a door that everyone walks past, but no one knows what's behind it...but today I go beyond it. And what lies behind it, is nothing but the pure raw, organic and unique nature of the artist. So I want to open that door to find out the aesthetics of what lies behind the door.

Behind the door I am free,
Behind the door I am me.
There are no eyes that can see,
Just the four walls and me.

I take this time to go on a journey to visit the deepest and darkest areas of my past, to fighting the demons that had me bound to insecurities, fear and doubt.

I have traveled around the world looking for a home. I found myself in these crowded rooms and still feeling alone.

Behind the door I am safe,
Moving amongst my own pace.
The mirror and  my face,
Finally feeling in the right place.

In the skin I'm in I've grown to a place where I trust in my artistry and regardless as to how anyone I know looks at me I find it beautiful.  Because I am coming bare and unfiltered.

All my life I have struggled with pleasing others and justifying my truest potentials by the level in which they were capable of viewing me.

I found out this time that the person  behind the door is vulnerable, human and insecure. But at the end of the day that person is Bent But not Broken.

I found out that I can do all things and surpass the barrier of where my mind was able conceptualize.

Uniquely you. Living in the fact that you are different for a reason.

  I feel that the perfect person doesn't exist for me because the qualities I seek are what I see in myself

The fear of rejection has caused me to search through past relationships because I'd rather search backwards than to  move forward**

  I have suppressed things for so long that it has built an ice chamber around my heart. Shielding me from hurt and disappointment. 

Behind this door I have a tendency to hold on instead of letting go, and my cure for that is to say "I forgive but I don't forget"

I feel free enough, justified enough and qualified enough to be whomever I see myself being Behind The Door"




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