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Customers & Friends ,

First off, thanks for visiting DJS Lifestyles -- online! I started this fundraiser because I recently embarked on a new journey towards launching DJS Lifestyles to next level. I recently acquired a new PR firm that is set to advance my clothing line into the mainstream and beyond.

The MISSION of DJS LIFESTYLES is to create and define a casual, but tasteful “LIFESTYLE” that is bold, inspired and futuristic…an aesthetic  that does not follow normal dictates, but builds a strong bond between our unique style and Today's Male with his own unique eye, voice, and creative style.
Our Business and our Passion is to ensure that Today's Male has a platform to feel amazing where he is able to express his voice and his own sense of self – with no judgement – all while interweaving various gender styles, genres and fashion.  
By creating a look that is “Simple, Sleek, and Sexy,” DJS LIFESTYLES will ensure the voice of it’s Visionary, Derrick J. Sellers, will remain “tried and true” far into the Future.

With your financial support, we will be able to fund our entrance into all of the Fashion Week events that I have received exclusive invitations to participate in and make my dream of making DJS Lifestyles into a lifestyle brand a reality. We are are asking each of you to make a minimum donation of $10.00 today (I have to opportunity to be a featured in the upcoming Fashion Week In Paris on July 28, 2022)  Anything that we raise over $3500.00 will be invested into business & development. This is one of the first steps for us as it relates to financing our business and I’m going to have to do A LOT more of this. However, we believe there is a huge need for our vision and we hope you do too. 


DJS Lifestyles Team

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