It always begins with a VISION... 

Five years ago, we wanted to do a Coffee Book to not only entrain you but to inspire conversation.  But I had no idea of where to start or finish such a monumental task. For years, everyone has praised us for our extraordinary Artistry and the eye-catching, colorful images of our designs. Now here we ARE -- 2022 -- after having revealed our latest campaign HOK & DJS 1988 Berlin Limited Edition. This collaboration was destined to come to fruition and, in turn, teamed us up with the most amazing, brilliant, & oh so gifted Photographers, Models, Make-Up Artists, Hairstylists, as well as Accessory Designers and Fashion Stylists... to assist us in telling a story of the connections between fashion and politics in Berlin circa 1988. 

Towards the latter part of the project -- lo and behold -- one of our main photographers, Pauline St. Denis, approached us with the same idea of creating a Coffee Book. You know what they say about "Great Minds"... This idea was fait accompli! So, we conspired with one of the industry's go-to Art Directors, Brian Freeman, to deliver a 200-page Coffee Book that conjures provocative thought, titillates the eye, and flows effortlessly through our infinite imagination -- the fabrication of which highlights HOK & DJS fashion-forward style while also introducing our first every Accessory Collection. Making it more than just a Vision, but NOW a part of your Lifestyle with exclusive edge Luxury.