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About Us

Choreographer and Creative director, Derrick J Sellers, is expanding his credits to include his newest venture …Fashion Design.  Based in L.A.,DJS LIFESTYLES is not only a brand to showcase Derrick’s work, but is also a platform for local “Up & Coming” as well as established designers and artists to have a voice to all aspects of entertainment. Read more about this Artist/Designer/Visionary .


His Mission:  

“Fashion 4 the bold and creative...Fashion 4 the Man with a vision."
The MISSION of DJS LIFESTYLES is to create and define a casual, but tasteful “LIFESTYLE” that is bold, inspired and futuristic…an aesthetic that does not follow normal dictates, but builds a strong bond between our unique style and Today's Male with his own unique eye, voice, and creative style.
Our Business and our Passion is to ensure that Today's Male has a platform to feel amazing where he is able to express his voice and his own sense of self – with no judgement – all while interweaving various gender styles, genres and fashion.  
By creating a look that is “Simple, Sleek, and Sexy,” DJS LIFESTYLES will ensure the voice of it’s Visionary, Derrick J. Sellers,  will remain “tried and true” far into the Future.
Always remember: “You got to hear you."

His Vision:   

 Organic Fashion Couture


It’s the pure nature of an unfiltered artist to trust in the gift of being one of a kind. Daring to be different and thinking outside the box fuels evolution.Change is good! In this endeavor, I stretch beyond the norm to break into a world of infinite imagination. Now journey with me as we witness when world’s collide!

The Collections:

Plush by Fluidity: The Freedom Collection

Simplicity: The U Collection

Introducing Jerome: The LA Collection

AIR by Derrick Sellers: The Signature Collection

DJS Do-Win D3 By Derrick J. Sellers

Yama Wu