About Us

Choreographer and Creative director, Derrick J Sellers, is expanding his credits to include his newest venture …Fashion Design.  Based in San Franciso & DC., DJS LIFESTYLES is not only a brand to showcase Derrick’s work but is also a platform for local “Up & Coming” as well as established designers and artists to have a voice to all aspects of entertainment. Read more about this Artist/Designer/Visionary.

Their Mission:  

"Exclusive Brand with an Exclusive Edge to Luxury"
                House of King/DJS Lifestyles (HOK/DJS)
Born out the spirit of inspiration, creativity, collaboration & partnership, HOK/DJS' MISSION is to explore where our two worlds collide to create and define a style that is...
Exclusive: the more rare or unattainable something is, the more valuable it is. Elusive sparks a sense of curiosity and urgency within a person and makes them want to know exactly it is that they're missing out on.
Edgy daringly innovative; provocative, or trendsetting; Creatively challenging; unusual in a way that is fashionable or exciting; unconventional, bold, inspired, defiant & cool, risqué.
...that evolves into something BEAUTIFUL.
HOK/DJS invokes an aesthetic that does not exactly follow normal dictates, but instead, seamlessly blends and builds a strong bond between unique everyday style and red-carpet couture. Using our own unique eye, voice, and cutting-edge creativity, HOK/DJS conveys a genre that is simply "Made for Now!"

Their Vision:   

 Organic Fashion 

 It’s the pure nature of an unfiltered artist to trust in the gift of being one of a kind. Daring to be different and thinking outside the box fuels evolution. Change is good! In this endeavor, I stretch beyond the norm to break into a world of infinite imagination. Now journey with me as we witness when worlds collide!                                           


The Collections: